Biodiversity Planning, Land Use Decision Support and BGIS

The BGIS unit is responsible for the management of the South African National Biodiversity Institute's (SANBI) spatial biodiversity planning information and fall within the SANBI directorate of Biodiversity Information Management.

Compulsory reading

Review the following links

What is BGIS and what information does it provide?

General background about BGIS
Background to BGIS Land Use Decision Support tool

What is systematic biodiversity planning?

Systematic Biodiversity Planning section of SANBI's Biodiversity Advisor  (Note there are three subsections Preparation, Analysis and Using a systematic biodiversity plan)

What is environmental assessment?

Environmental Assessment section of SANBI's Biodiversity Advisor (Note there are four subsections orientation, contexualisation, Investigation, Using BGIS which will help you with your Assignment 3. )

How does one use BGIS online maps?

BGIS online maps user guide - pdf version
BGIS online maps user guide - HTML help (contains the more or less the same information as the pdf above)

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